domingo, fevereiro 13, 2011

Thinking along a puppet show.

I was in Sao Paulo. I did a show on a sunny Sunday, in a public library, within a program from a friend. On Monday, I gave a lecture to the students who learned to animate various types of puppets. For years I did not speak at a lecture, during the talking I forgot the words as a rabbi, names of important artists, old people stuff.
I have noticed that the way we do theater is the way we did in the 1990s. Maybe people have changed and the knowledge does not accumulate in their minds anyway. While science grows, the art develops, this does not mean that society follow this evolution and development. It is my impression that much of what is said during the show, is not perceived by the audience. Because while the world grows, people do not grow together.
The question is should then make art more understandable? Or as one does in business, adapt to consumers' wishes?
Talking with Henrique Sitchin, director of Cia Truks, we found a common frustration with the common complaint from parents about certain scenes that they believed to be inadequate for the perception of the world of their children. Henrique complained, that the theater should be a fantasy world all beautiful? Why can not revel the theater the world and its problems, problems that afflict adults? For my part I complain: why adults do not realize that the problem is not in theater but in how we all deal with the world including children? Hiding the cause of problems, wrongly blaming the system when many times it is our fault?

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