segunda-feira, janeiro 03, 2011


This is one of three stories of Puppet Theater made by my kids from Padre Colbacchini School, near of my home. This story was written by Polyana Pereira from 7º grade. All kids came from 5º and 6º grade, I guess.
The work was all free for school and kids , but haven't been possible without help from Marli Stuelp, teacher of language.
Thanks for DOMA Design and Pix Bureau for printeds.
Thanks to Sergio Del Giorno to be friend and supporter too.

Esta foi uma das tres estórias encenadas pelas minhas crianças da Escola Estadual pd. Colbacchini, próximo de casa. Esta estória foi escrita por Polyana Pereira da 7ª série. Todas as crianças são da 5ª e 6ª séries, Acho... O trabalho foi gratuito para a escola e para as crianças

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micki disse...

That is awesome and so cute! Those kids will be the great Masters in Puppetry when they grow up. Thanks again for the English sub-title of the show and the translation in the blog :)

Jorge Miyashiro disse...

Wow! You're ready and alert abut blogs!
You're welcome, and becoming main supporter, anyway.
Thanks, thanks!

SergioRDG disse...

Great job! I'm grateful for contributing for this project. It was beautiful. In a place that art and new opportunities are very, baut very necessary. Thanks and let's go ahead this year. Huggs!

Jorge Miyashiro disse...

You did a great job too! As you said let's the year go ahead! Hug, bros.!

SergioRDG disse...

Thar she blows! It's already in the Cronicas Terraqueas:

And in Doma:


Jorge Miyashiro disse...

Fame is coming to this children! Glad with them!