quinta-feira, dezembro 23, 2010


Now, for Xtmas, I did two new brand string puppets. For gift my nephew and sister.
They are made with caixeta, a kind of wood from brazilian shores known as "mangues". This rare tree is forbade to cut, in preserved areas. But this one piece are cut from allowed farm, raised only extration. If you could learn, one of puppets look a litle strange, almost human stare. That's why it's the eyes are movable.
Opz! Almost forgot, painting made by Luciana, my wife and partner.

Marionetes a fio para presente de natal.
Estão prontos, finalmente, em tempo recorde.
Como antecipei, são os presentes para minha irmã e sobrinha, ha-um-ano-nascida, a Kaori.
Se vcs. perceberem, um dos bonecos olha de modo estranho, quase humano. É porque seus olhos são moveis!
Quase esqueci! Pintura da Lu, amada, querida e necessária!

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micki disse...

They are awesome and cute! Is the top one that eyes can move? and how long did it take you to make one? How lucky your nephew and sister! Wonderful, and thanks for writing it in English too! :):)

Jorge Miyashiro disse...

Thanks Micki! You're very kind with this apprentice of that great small art. I've spent 5 or 4 months, not in full time, sure.
I must to say that they (sister'n brother) seem half gratefull to me. Otherwise I've got suffered to made these puppets. Lov, hate and all subjects between brothers and sisters, You must know... ;D
Oh, right! Yes! One of them have moveable eyes. This was another point of unsatisfation of one of two sisters: One, because haven't got the same eyes moveable puppet; other because haven't none...
What Can I do???? <:(