sexta-feira, fevereiro 12, 2010


Working with theater, carry us to a pretty vanity life. When I changed to puppeteer career thought it gonna be too simple life or something more professional humbled . Because the Gepetto's mith where the puppeteers are a kind of poor artisan. Even guys are rejecting this image but can't escape from.
Fact is puppetry always seen as a minor theater. So, without any sadness, I see myself in a next future too old and still carving puppet's heads and making performances (very short performances!). That's my remedy for vanity, after all.
Sorry, for all strange words. In the future maybe I 'll understand too (ha-ha).
In this Year of Tiger, I'm start with a new show (as you seen the photos) and a first business-lawer duel.
So, I ask your pardon for a gap, one or two mounths, to deal with these affairs.
Hoping when I'll back bringing news a good results.
Thank you for your friendship!

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